Expert Advice in Location Tracking and Mustering

Decisions can be tough to make at the best of times. But when the decisions you take are being made to save time and hence lives, making the right choice is critical. S3 ID can provide the expert input to help with this and ensure your budget is wisely spent.

Expert advice need not be prohibitively costly. However, not having access to an expert in the early stages of a project can cost very dearly later in the project lifecycle if the wrong initial choices are made.

Flexibility and Choice

S3 ID is above all flexible in approach. We understand that no two clients’ requirements are exactly the same and, as a responsive client focussed company, we deliver real value in the engineering services and the solutions we provide through close partnering with our clients. We can tailor our consultancy services to exactly match your needs. So take the first step now and call us for a free initial consultation.


Consultancy Services

We offer a complete range of specialist consultancy services in location tracking and mustering. Whether you simply need an expert to plug into your team on an ad-hoc basis to provide support and advice or want to fully outsource a complete feasibility design study, creation of a URS or even the complete Front End Engineering Design, we can help. Ad-hoc as required ‘plug in’ expertise is usually offered on a day-rate basis with complete and comprehensive ‘defined scope’ consultancy packages for an agreed fixed price.



Location Tracking and Mustering Solution Design

We can provide a complete system analysis and design service. Essentially this considers where you are now, helps you define where you want to be and to specify how you will get there. To do this we work with all key stakeholders from your senior management team and HSSE executive to your engineering and telecoms departments. We also hold discussions with local safety representatives, heli-admin, logistics co-ordinators, unions and OIM’s and analyse your current practices and procedures. We will then make appropriate solution design and procedural recommendations encompassing the above. Full consideration is made of all HSSE issues in line with local, national and company mandatory requirements.

Our domain expertise and experience in muster and location solutions can also prove invaluable and can save you considerable time and expense.  When considering Muster Solutions we take particular care to review all key engineering considerations. Typically this will include location of sensors, communications infrastructure considerations, quantity and location of servers and clients, cabling requirements, environmental conditions and implications, operational user requirements and consideration of local, national and industry regulatory standards and other mandatory requirements.

Similar considerations to those described above are taken into account when considering Location Solutions. Where Security issues are involved we also consider and ensure compliance with local, national and company security requirements.

Specialist Input

Whether you are seeking assistance with a Conceptual Design, require a complete FEED study or assistance with preparation of initial scoping and budget estimation, S3 ID can provide the necessary specialist input. Should you later decide to proceed with implementation we can also provide a complete EPIC service if required. All work undertaken is conducted in line with our ISO 9001:2015 quality certification using suitably qualified and trained personnel.

"Our highly competent and experienced commissioning team is skilled in setting our tracking, location and mustering systems to work and in optimising their performance on site in the most expedient manner."