Automatic Muster Station Operation

During a platform muster, personnel entering the lifeboats will pass through the field generated by the lifeboat muster antennas.

The presence of any transponder will be detected by the Muster Reader Unit. Once the reader unit has detected a transponder and the person is at the correctly designated muster station the name associated with that transponder is displayed on the muster display unit, the green lamp will be illuminated and the sounder will be activated. The person continues to enter the lifeboat and will be registered as mustered at that muster station in the system database.

If a person is detected at a wrong muster station, the yellow beacon will be illuminated, the sounder will activate and the persons name will be displayed on the muster name display unit.

The display will also show the correct muster station where the person should attend. In the time between displaying the names of mustered personnel, the display is updated with a count for persons expected and persons mustered for the associated lifeboat.

Principal System Components

The automatic muster station consists of a transponder, worn by each person offshore, antennas of various designs at lifeboats, team muster points, certified reader units and displays for showing information to persons mustering.



Name Display Unit

It is constructed from marine grade copper free aluminium with stainless steel bolts. An ultra-high brightness display panel is visible through the enclosures front window. The muster station can be fitted with “correct/incorrect” location lamps and an IS sounder for positive confirmation of arrival at the station. The control circuitry is safely contained within the display enclosure. Built in thermostatically controlled heater to prevent condensation


Certified Reader Unit

The primary component of the eMuster solutions is the certified reader unit. Housed within the polished stainless steel enclosure are the electronic modules necessary to read the transponder tags carried by installation personnel and then pass this data to the central system servers via a high speed, high integrity Intrinsically Safe CAN bus network. The unit is ATEX certified for operation in hazardous areas. To facilitate simplified installation, the enclosure has a lower Exe chamber for the connection of power and its associated antenna.

emusterWrist Transponder Tag

This RFID Wrist Transponder Tag worn by persons when offshore; it communicates a unique two part 64 bit number to the eMuster software when it enters an antenna field.

Introducing The S3 Product Range

The S3 product range name, S3, is derived from three words which apply to everything we provide; Safe, Secure, Solutions