Confirmed Muster Station Operation

On commencement of a muster, the muster station will awake from its idle state and display the muster status screen.

The screen displays: Personnel assigned to the muster station, mustered personnel, missing personnel, unallocated lifeboat seats, team identification and station diagnostic information.

Under normal operation, personnel present their transponder tag to the small antenna mounted below the status screen and the muster station will recognise the tag and display the associated name for confirmation by user which is accomplished by pressing the "ENTER" button. If a user has lost their transponder or it does not function then a manual muster facility is supported.

Users can select their name from a list of personnel shown down the left hand side of the display using the arrow buttons. The muster display is continually updated with data from the servers. If a person musters at an unassigned station then their assigned station is updated to show this event.

Principal System Components



Name Display Terminal

The display terminal is certified EEx d IIB T4 and environmentally rated to IP66. It is constructed from 316 grade stainless steel. A high brightness 12″ TFT screen is incorporated to enable full information to be available at the point of muster

emusterCertified Reader Unit

The reader unit electronics is housed within a stainless steel enclosure. The unit is ATEX certified for operation in Zone 1 hazardous areas. To facilitate installation and maintenance the enclosure is split into two sections an IS section housing the electronics with an adjoining Exe chamber reserved for power, traffic light and antenna connections.

emusterWrist Transponder Tag

RFID Wrist Transponder Tag worn by persons when offshore: communicates a unique two part 64 bit number when it enters an antenna field.

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