The logistics of scheduling personnel; whether they are the Oil Company’s own staff or Service Company staff can be extremely complex.

Onshore and Offshore Operational and Production Plants and Complex facilities share a common feature: personnel working varying shifts in different locations.

This provides operators with a common but diverse range of management challenges which our eLogistix™ solutions are specifically designed to solve.

Managing the safety and security of personnel begins before anyone arrives on the installation.

Our eLogistix™ product suite provides a complete travel management system encompassing all aspects of manpower logistics from facilitating the scheduling of helicopter flights to managing bed space and ensuring all staff travelling have the necessary certification to travel and work offshore.

Our products are time proven in operation.

eLogistix™ is already in use providing various blue chip companies around the world with a complete solution for both national and international scheduling and tracking of personnel, simplifying and improving the organisation of manpower logistics, making location of personnel a simple matter and saving operational time and cost.



The acclaimed eLogistix™ Global Travel Management Software (GTMS) suite is based on well proven technology with a powerful Oracle™ relational database at its core.


The GTMS, which is based on a distributed client / server architecture, now incorporates an updated GUI using thin client browser technology. The software suite provides the following features as standard:

  • National and international travel management tools optimised specifically to address energy industries requirements in both onshore and offshore applications
  • Comprehensive ‘Journey Planner‘ tools allow for multiple journey legs and modes of transport e.g., by land, air or sea
  • Forward Planning tools allow for scheduling flights and connections
  • Fully inclusive interactive personnel and freight movement journey planning tools with ‘travel searcher’ facilitate location of seats for personnel and free freight space
  • Point of departure automated check-in supported for personnel and freight including helicopter loading schedules
  • Photo ID supported for fast positive identity confirmation at check in
  • Full manifest and flight / connection summaries provided
  • Automated departure and arrival time entry supported for all legs of a journey with real-time amended flight scheduling
  • Know where your staff are in real time with interactive travel progress monitoring
  • Track freight movements in real time using the freight progress monitoring tools
  • Manage personnel using the rota planning and shift rotation planning tools
  • Keep track of key staff information, including HSE training and survival certificates and expiry dates
  • Allocate and manage bed space using the inbuilt bed allocation planning, allocation and management tools
  • Allocate Muster Point and essential personnel
  • Manage emergency situations using inbuilt Emergency Contact & Crisis Management tools
  • See what’s going on in real time using our comprehensive, standard on-screen and printed reporting tools including flights/connections and passenger manifests,Personnel On Board (POB) and Muster Lists
  • And if you want something unique, custom reports are supported via fully comprehensive user configurable reporting using standard SQL queries

eLogistix™ GTMS – A S3 Family Product

In the offshore environment simply keeping track of personnel for safety reasons in the event of an emergency poses a very obvious challenge.

Personnel may be working on the main platform, satellite platforms or production wellheads. Alternately, they may be off- duty in accommodation blocks, restaurant or recreation facilities.

As such, operators need to have access to reliable up-to the-minute location and status information for their personnel and equipment in the event of an emergency.

The eLogistix™ product is designed to integrate seamlessly with all other products within our innovative S3 product range.

As such, eLogistix™ may be used with other S3 personnel tracking and mustering products to provide a totally integrated solution for the management and tracking manpower deployment.

Introducing The S3 Product Range

The S3 product range name, S3, is derived from three words which apply to everything we provide; Safe, Secure, Solutions