Introducing the eMuster™ solutions from the highly acclaimed S3 product range from S3 ID. Emergency procedures and plans required by ATEX 137 and DSEAR require on site personnel to report to pre-designated positions in order to establish the POS or POB after an incident or a routine drill.

These positions are usually referred to as muster points, muster stations or muster areas and S3 ID eMuster™ ATEX certified products offer a range of solutions for automating the post incident or drill muster registration process. If an allocated muster captain is used he has immediate access to who is present and who is missing.



Automatic muster products are available with or without name identification displays and readers can take the form of walk through portals or approach pads. On commencement of a muster, the muster station will awake from its idle state and display the muster status screen.

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Confirmed muster products offer positive identification and verification of each person attending the muster station. This is provided by full colour screen or single or multiple line displays with or without colour coded indication lamps and audible warning devices dependant on product and application choice.

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In all cases muster registration is achieved by hands free and non contact operations such as walking through a portal onto a lifeboat or into a muster area, although this can be confirmed, for example by pressing a button to confirm the users displayed identity if required.

If an allocated muster captain is used he has immediate access to who is present and who is missing.

All of our systems make available the muster information by internal or external networking off site as well as on site to multiple locations.

Our systems will automatically deal with unregulated scenarios such as personnel turning up at the wrong muster stations or mustering at more than one location.


The equipment is designed for harsh environments including open deck mounting and temperatures down to-40°C and is time proven in operation on a large number of installations.

eMuster™ Software Suite

In the data centre our eMuster™ software suite adds additional functionality to the eLocator™ suite providing both detailed and overview information of all musters in easy to use graphical formats along with comprehensive muster and missing persons reporting tools.

This data can be accessed externally or linked to proprietary databases such as Vantage™ and DaWinci™.

Area Muster
Our Checkpoint product range is ideally suited to providing an Area Muster solution. Labelled
The diagram below shows an enclosed area such as a Mess room that has been designated as a Muster area. Checkpoint antenna have been placed and site calibrated to best cover the area.


Checkpoint detection Zones cover the access points but do not necessarily have to cover the whole area. This is simply because personnel can only enter/exit the Muster area by the access points and they will therefore always be detected by Checkpoint.


  • Fast and efficient confirmed mustering, reducing risk in the event of an incident or drill
  • Comprehensive displayed information at the muster point
  • Muster Officer knows exactly what is going on in real time
  • Additional counts for seat availability
  • Multiple colour names to indicate special teams, not arrived and wrong muster point
  • Provides electronic and paper muster count, with accurate and instantly available reports in the event of an incident
  • Enables specialist teams to receive their instructions and carry out tasks based upon accurate, up to date, shared information
  • Visibility of the system from shore during emergency situations
  • Automatic procedure handling reduces requirement for human involvement, thereby reducing errors

Introducing The S3 Product Range

The S3 product range name, S3, is derived from three words which apply to everything we provide; Safe, Secure, Solutions