Specifically designed for use in hazardous areas found in the Oil, Gas, Energy & Petro-Chemical Industries, our new and growing eSecurity™ product family has been designed as a logical modular addition to our market-leading S3 product range.

eSecurity™ products add the necessary security components and software modules to allow the use of our eLocator™ tags (and associated system infrastructure, whether new or existing), to also control and monitor the installations security and manage access to facilities and equipments.

Why Choose eSecurity™?

All our eSecurity™ products in the S3 product range are designed to work alongside all of our core eLocator™ products to provide a fully-integrated combined location awareness and security solution

Our eSecurity™ product range comprises a selection of specially designed access control products.

Products are available for use in both safe areas and in ATEX certified versions for use in Zone 1 Hazardous areas.

When used with our eLocator™ software suite, access to facilities and restricted areas can be controlled and personnel movements and the access histories recorded, all within a single, integrated, safety and security solution.

Additionally, if required the system can be integrated with 3rd party solutions, used to allow authorities and permissions to be set enabling, for example, only suitably qualified personnel to access critical Process Control System functionality.


Proven Technology

This technology is already being used offshore on the FPSO Bourgogne, as part of an integrated Access Control & Mustering System (ACMS) which provides an automated ‘lockdown’ facility, a method of restricting access to sensitive parts of the vessel and, during a muster, a reliable means to register personnel arriving at the designated mustering locations.

All personnel are required to wear an individually identifiable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Intrinsically Safe (IS) active transponder tags. These tags are used for identification at both access controlled doorways and at the vessels mustering points. Personnel present their transponder at controlled doorway entry antenna and at the muster station antenna to indicate their presence to the system. At controlled doorways the system responds by granting access if the person is permitted. At muster stations the system gives feedback to the user via a display and list the person as mustered.

An overview of the access control and mustering is available via screens in the office and control room and as printed. In a threat situation, the system can also be used to confirm all personnel are inside the vessel prior to an emergency lockdown being initiated whilst assistance is summoned.



Door Controller Units


eLocks™ in magnetic or, as shown, interlocked throw-bolt forms with either fail safe or fail secure option


Tag Readers as shown and other access validation devices


Access Control

Controllers, Locks, Tags & Access Control Readers

Door Controller Units are specially configured versions of our eLocator™ S3 Hazardous Area and Safe Area Portal Controllers.

Configured with eLock™ actuator outputs and alarm inputs, these units locally manage access control and tag validation. They also interact with our data centre eLocator™ and eSecurity™ software suites to provide location awareness data and, where required, restrict access.

Our eLocks™ are specifically designed and ATEX certified for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas and are available in both magnetic and interlocked throw-bolt forms, the latter being available in either fail safe or fail secure options. Specially designed bulkhead fittings are available with each lock making them suitable for easy retrofitting to existing doors.

In addition to eLocks™, we can also supply various electronically interlocked & released, key overridden, high security lock systems fitted to high security, attack resistant doors and ‘eLocked’ security gates and turnstiles.

Access Control Readers are also available in various forms suitable for different applications and for use in both safe areas and in ATEX certified forms for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas.

Introducing The S3 Product Range

The S3 product range name, S3, is derived from three words which apply to everything we provide; Safe, Secure, Solutions