Personnel Location Awareness

Do you know where your people are? S3 ID solutions are capable of giving a persons location with the scope you require. Whether it’s at a platform level, a room level or a pin point location. We can tailor your solution to meet your needs.

S3 ID use a range of technologies depending on your environment and location awareness needs.

Take advantage of our experience with hazardous applications and difficult environments to help you choose the best possible solution to address your safety tracking needs.


Long Range UWB Location at Ultra Low Temperatures

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) provides a precise real-time location system which delivers very high positional accuracy in traditionally challenging environments. The Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) variant of our standard UWB sensor is ruggedized to give excellent performance characteristics in even the harshest of environments – operating at temperatures down to -40°C.

Patented Technology

The Ex UWB Long Range sensor forms part of the S3 ID’s patented e-locator™ long range personnel location system which includes:

  • Active (battery powered) tags which transmit UWB pulses used to determine their location.
  • Sensors mounted on fixed infrastructure which receive and evaluate the signals from the tags.
  • Software platform to aggregate the positional data generated, presenting, analysing and communicating information to users and relevant information systems


The tags transmit UWB pulses of extremely short duration which are received by sensors and used to determine where the tag is located using a combination of measurement methods. The use of UWB together with the unique sensor functionality ensures both the high accuracy and the reliability of operation in challenging environments where there are often disturbing reflections from walls or metal objects. Sensors are grouped into cells which are typically rectangular in shape with additional sensors being added to a cell depending on the geometry of the area to be covered. In each cell a master sensor coordinates the activities of the other sensors and communicates with all the tags whose location is detected within the cell. By designing overlapping cells, it is possible to cover very large areas in a similar way to the cellular layout of a mobile telephone network.

Series 7000 UWB ULT Sensor

The Series 7000 sensor detects ultra wideband (UWB) pulses transmitted by Tags which are used to determine exact location using a unique combination of Time Difference Of Arrival (TDOA) and Angle of Arrival (AOA) techniques. The sensors have an array of four UWB receivers enabling angle to be calculated with a high degree of accuracy. The sensors also support two way standard RF communications permitting dynamic changes to tag update rates and enabling interactive applications. Each sensor is capable of sustaining a continuous 160Hz update rate, meaning tag locations can be provided every 6.25ms from each sensor or cell.

General arrangement

The Ex UWB sensor comprises of three main components, the sensor head, its mounting bracket and thetermination box.

The sensor head houses the Series 7000 sensor which is located behind a glass window.

Attached to the rear of the sensor head, is a fully adjustable stainless steel bracket to allow precise positioning and alignment of the UWB sensor. The head is connected by an umbilical cable to an Exe termination junction box for simple connection of field cabling.




RFID Transponder Tags

Series 7000 ULT Variant Technical Specification

Sensor Head: EEx d enclosure constructed from Copper free aluminium alloy with tempered round glass window

Manufacturer:  S3 ID 
Type:  Ex UWB long range sensor 
Material:  Copper free aluminium alloy c/w viewing window 
Cover bolts:  A2-R700 N/mm2 stainless steel cover screws 
Earth stud:  AISI 604 UNI 7323 stainless steel internal/ external 
Colour:  RAL 7035 epoxy coating 
Weight:  11kg 
IP protection :  IP66 
Ex certification :  EEx d IIC IP66 T6 
Certificate:  CESI 03 ATEX 174 
Temperature range:  -40ºc to +55ºc T5 
Power consumption:  10w 
Cable entry: M25


Sensor Head showing mounting bracket detail

Termination Box: EExe GRP Termination box

Manufacturer:  S3 ID 
Type:  GL12 
Material:  GRP UL94/VO 
Colour:  Black 
Weight :  5Kg 
IP protection :  IP66 
Ex certification :  EExe IIC IP66 T6
Temperature range:  -40ºC TO +55ºC T5 
Power consumption:  N/A 
Cable entry: M20/M25


Ex UWB Type Sensor Head



Our software components enable the eLocator™ UWB sensors and tags to be set up, calibrated and configured into cells and objects using a graphical user interface.

There are a number of context-aware scheduling and filtering algorithms available enabling performance and behaviour of the system to be tuned to the application for which it is providing data.

.NET 2.0 API provides access to all configuration functionality as well as obtaining the X,Y,Z co-ordinates of each tag with a time stamp and driving two-way communication with the tags.


Introducing The S3 Product Range

The S3 product range name, S3, is derived from three words which apply to everything we provide; Safe, Secure, Solutions