S3 ID deliver Location Awareness: We gather location data using specialised equipment

The key to all our solutions is gaining positive ‘locational awareness’ of personnel and assets for use in hazardous environments. To obtain this we allocate a unique ID tag to each individual working on an installation.

We have developed ATEX and IECEx certified equipment that can operate in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Tags come in various forms; RFID (passive or active), UHF (Checkpoint) and Ultra Wide Band technology. These tags are then monitored by appropriate sensors which report back to a central system to provide ‘positive location awareness’ of each individual or even, where required, ‘track’ their movements in real-time for safety purposes.


Our solutions are time-proven in operation worldwide with many blue chip clients.

As well as being used to know where your personnel are, for example to control the maximum Personnel On Board an installation, tags can also be used for rapid electronic mustering, access control and security purposes. Tags can even be used to control permits to work and electronically validate ‘permissions’ allowing only authorised personnel to use specific control systems by automatically granting (or denying) them access subject to their status on the central database.

Even time and attendance at a given location can be recorded if required. Beyond these more common uses, knowing the location of all personnel in a crisis can also enable pro-active crisis management of the situation