Q.   What is RTLS Technology?

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) allows you to locate people or things in real time.  Companies in a variety of industries use location as the input to a number of critical business processes. S3 ID utilises Proximity Based RTLS solutions as it is a cost effective way of obtaining the necessary tracking and mustering data required for your business.

Q. How Do I Know it Will Fit in With My Operations?  

Each system is configured and tailored to the client’s requirements. S3 ID provide a comprehensive range of engineering services to  ensure that the installed system will operate and deliver the expected level of performance.

Q. Will RTLS Fit in with Existing Management/Communication Systems?

While the S3 ID Product Range utilises its own dedicated software suite for operation the data can be accessed externally or linked to proprietary databases such as Vantage™ and DaWinci™. Point to point communication can be via standard protocols such as RS485, Ethernet, CANBUS, peer to peer wireless or Wi-Fi.

Q. Where Would I Deploy S3 ID RTLS?

The S3 ID Range is designed for deployment in the most physically demanding environments and has an extensive installed base in offshore and onshore installations. For harsh and hazardous environments S3 ID products have been tried and tested and continue to provide reliable service in the most challenging environments.