It is clearly important for you to know where your personnel are when it counts. Drills, evacuations and search and rescue during an incident can all benefit from S3 IDs experience in the real world. Proven procedures and knowledge combine to enable you to get the information you need in real time without the need for complex procedures.

Our personnel systems provide the ability to automatically and continually reconcile your installations Personnel On Board (POB) count in real time. As a result, not only can you immediately access a comprehensive POB muster list, but you can also use our system to warn your staff (again in real time) if their presence risks them exceeding the maximum POB for a given installation. To do this we use our unique personnel ‘traffic light’ alert system as they cross a bridge and pass our portal sensors as shown in the illustration above.

Giving the Green Light for Safety

Should an emergency occur you need to be confident at all times that the full compliment of POB can be safely evacuated using the facilities available since evacuating across a bridge link to a ‘safe area’ may be impossible. As such the maximum POB for a given offshore installation is set by the amount of seats available on that installations emergency evacuation facilities (lifeboats). Our simple, visual and highly effective ‘traffic light’ system automatically ensures your maximum POB is not exceeded – and can generate an alarm if its warning is ignored.

pob-bridgeAs a member of personnel passes the bridge portal their unique RFID tag is read by the system along with the direction in which they are going – i.e., whether they are entering or leaving the installation. Their identity is captured by the system and the installationPOB count automatically updated. This is then compared against the maximum allowed POB number. If the person is entering the facility they will see in front of them a ‘traffic light’.

If the system calculates that the maximum POB count for the installation they are about to enter is not exceeded by their presence, then this will light ‘Green’ to advise that it is safe to proceed. However, if their presence brings the total POBover the safe limit, then the yellow light will ‘flash’ cautioning them that they should not proceed further and leave.

pob-bridgeA range of lights are offered. Standard ‘traffic lights’ are Exe filament type. Long life IS LED traffic lights are also available as an option. A red light may be substituted for the yellow if preferred in the 2-light configuration or 3-light (Red, Yellow, Green) semaphores supplied as a further option.



The reader unit electronics and ‘Traffic Light’ display driver are housed within a stainless steel enclosure.

The unit is ATEX certified for operation in Zone 1 hazardous areas.

To facilitate installation and maintenance the enclosure is split into two sections an IS section housing the electronics with an adjoining Exe chamber reserved for power, traffic light and antenna connections.

Data read from the transponder tags carried by personnel is then transmitted by the reader to the central system servers via high speed high integrity, intrinsically safe CAN bus.

Dependent on the reply received, the appropriate semaphore is lit.

Introducing The S3 Product Range

The S3 product range name, S3, is derived from three words which apply to everything we provide; Safe, Secure, Solutions