Personnel Location Awareness

Do you know where your people are? S3 ID has equipment capable of giving a persons location to the exact scope you require. Whether it’s at a platform level, a room level or a pin point location, we can tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

S3 ID uses a range of specialist patented technologies depending on your environment and location awareness needs. Take advantage of our experience with hazardous applications and difficult environments to help you choose the best possible solution to address your safety tracking needs.

Short Range RFID

Our eLocator™ short range RFID personnel tracking solutions are primarily utilised throughout installations at access points that are designated hazardous areas and therefore require certified equipment.

Personnel working within an installation wear our IS certified active transponder tag either around the neck on a safety lanyard or on the wrist. The transponder is detected by our reader equipment that is strategically placed around the installation at points that restrict access from one location to another.

The reader equipment consists of an ATEX certified (EEx ib e q IIB T4) electronic module that is connected to either 2 or 4 antenna. Each reader communicates with oureLocator™ servers via a high speed secure IS CAN Bus network. The servers maintain a database of personnel movements and enable operators via workstations PCs to view installation POB and generate printed reports.


  • Fast and efficient monitoring of personnel location, reducing risk in the event of an incident or drill.
  • Processing of multiple personnel simultaneously.
  • Provides electronic (and paper) POB, with accurate and instantly available reports in the event of an incident.
  • Links directly with, and complements third party logistics packages including DaWinci and Vantage POB.
  • Enables specialist teams to receive their instructions and to carry out their tasks based upon accurate, up to date and shared information.
  • Visibility of the system from shore during emergency situations.
  • Automatic procedure handling reduces requirement for human involvement, thereby reducing errors.


The three primary components of our close range eLocator™ solutions are our RFID Tags, the ATEX certified Universal Tag Reader Unit & RFID Antennae, technical specifications for which are shown below.

RFID Transponder Tags

The RFID Tag is worn by persons when offshore: communicates a unique two part 64 bit number when it enters an antenna field.

Tags can be either Wrist Transponder Tags or a Lanyard Version.

Universal Tag Reader Unit

The reader unit electronics is housed within a stainless steel enclosure. The unit is ATEX certified for operation in Zone 1 hazardous areas. To facilitate installation and maintenance the enclosure is split into two sections an IS section housing the electronics with an adjoining Exe chamber reserved for power, traffic light and antenna connections. The unit can be configured to operate within any of our eLocator™ solutions. For example, a single antenna can be installed to provide proximity detection at muster stations. In lifeboat and bridge applications the unit is configured with four antenna providing transponder detection and direction of travel information.

Each reader is connected to the system servers by a secure two wire high speed IS CAN bus communications network. In operation the unit detects transponders worn by the installations personnel as they pass within the field of its associated antenna. The transponder sends a unique code to the reader unit which is decoded by the system server to obtain the details of the person previously allocated with that transponder and identify personnel for location awareness.


Our eLocator™ antennas can be used for personnel location detection on installation bridges and corridors by placing a pair of antennas connected to their associated reader unit at each end of a bridge or walkway.

The antenna body is constructed from Glass Reinforced Polymer, is certified Eex m II and Ingress Protection rated to IP56.

For connection to the reader unit, a screened anti-static hose contains the connection cables and is filled with silicoset to prevent gas accumulation inside the hose.

The antenna has a maximum read range of 2 metres and this can be de-tuned for different applications.

Introducing The S3 Product Range

The S3 product range name, S3, is derived from three words which apply to everything we provide; Safe, Secure, Solutions