Alongside our specialist hardware products we provide a full associated range of software solutions for the management of personnel, their safety and security.

S3 ID, as creators of the software as well as providing ‘standard’ configured solutions, fully customised versions can also be created by us to suit individual client needs or special applications.


The eLocator™ Suite

Our remote controllers & locator systems communicate with data centre servers running our eLocator™ software suite. This gathers and records the locational awareness data to provide information and reports in easy to use graphical formats on associated client workstations. Comprehensive POB / POS reporting functionality is also provided. This data can be accessed externally or linked to proprietary databases and 3rd party systems such as Vantage™ and DaWinci™.

eMuster™ Software

Where eMustering solutions are provided, a further software module is added to our eLocator™ Suite in the data centre. 
Our special eMuster™ software adds additional functionality to the eLocator™ suite providing both detailed and overview information of all musters in easy to use graphical formats along with comprehensive muster and missing persons reporting tools. This data can be accessed externally or linked to proprietary databases such as Vantage™and DaWinci™.

eSecurity™ Software

In a similar fashion to eMuster™, our eSecurity™ Software adds still further functionality to the eLocator™ Suite, Enabling access control permissions to be associated with tags which are then associated with our eLock™ ATEX certified electronic door lock mechanisms. Again, all added functionality is seamlessly integrated by our configurable standard software into our server resident Access Control System (ACS).

As with our hardware products, All S3 ID product software is fully compatible and can be mixed and matched with other modules in the product range.

The eLogistix™ Global Travel Management Software (GTMS) Suite

Managing the safety and security of personnel begins before anyone arrives on the installation. Our eLogistix™ Global Travel Management Software (GTMS) suite provides a complete travel management solution encompassing all aspects of manpower logistics from facilitating the scheduling of flights to managing bed space and ensuring all staff travelling have the necessary certification to travel and work offshore.

The eLogistix™ suite features a distributed client / server architecture, using well proven technology with a powerful Oracle™ relational database at its core. Incorporating an advanced graphics user interface (GUI) using thin client browser technology, the eLogistix™ GTMS product is designed to integrate seamlessly with other products within our innovative S3 product range. As such, eLogistix™ may be used with other S3 personnel tracking and mustering products to provide a totally integrated solution for the management and tracking of manpower deployment.

SmartReader™ Package

Our SmartReader™ system comprises a stand alone PC based software package / database and reader system that works with products in our unique eSafety™ Range.

Products in this range feature a special in-built identity tag which also stores other data, for example the product’s ownership and service life user data, such as the user’s name and emergency contact data along with the product’s inspection history, which can be updated during the product’s life using our SmartReader™ package.

The SmartReader™ package can also be integrated with our other software products.