The key to all our solutions is gaining positive ‘locational awareness’ of personnel.

As well as being used to know where personnel are, for example to control the maximum ‘Personnel On Board’ an installation, tags can also be used for rapid electronic musteringaccess control and security purposes.

Tags can even be used to control permits to work and electronically validate ‘permissions’ allowing only authorised personnel to use specific control systems by automatically granting (or denying) them access subject to permissions allocated on the central database.

Even time and attendance at a given location can be recorded if required. Beyond these more common uses, knowing the location and disposition of all personnel in a crisis can also enable pro-active management of the situation (crisis management).



One example of this would be the solution recently provided for an FPSO which also featured an emergency ‘facility lockdown’ capability (when all personnel were safely inside the vessel) as an anti piracy precaution. We are working with other partners on solutions that, using the knowledge of personnel locations, pro-actively re-route escape routes to avoid hidden dangers for evacuating personnel.